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Sound Equipment

Let me speak for you.

Voiceovers, Public Speaking, Announcing, Podcasting, Full Audio and Video Production, Consulting... if we don't do it, we know who does. Helping small and medium businesses with their marketing and advertising is our passion.


We are more than just voice overs

Over the years we've added more services in an effort to solve problems.

AI is amazing. We even used it to generate this silly little robot. But robot voices just don't quite hit the mark (yet) do they? A real voice with proper inflections and tone will make you stand out from the nails on chalkboard, uncanny valley of TikTok VO robots. Ask us about other ways ai can help you in sales, and other efforts! We are committed to staying current with learning about prompts and tools to enhance your business. 

"I'll just use ai"

If we don't have the skills to fit your project we know who does.

We work with a variety of professionals in many specialties. We are happy to recommend you to the very best if we can't meet your needs.


We've helped people go from an idea in their head to launching their own business. We've also helped people who have an established business for decades reach their goals and complete projects in new creative spaces.

We are budget minded, focusing on execution and simplicity rather than using complicated and expensive tools you might not even be ready for.


You may be here for a simple phone tree voiceover for your small business. Perhaps you are looking for someone to edit your podcast or create a TV commercial for you.

You could be considering launching a NEW business and don't know where to start with logos, websites, advertising, or even product photography.

Maybe you're a broadcasting group looking for a national level voice to add to your commercials and imaging.

You might need training videos or just editing for those. You could be looking for a consultant or coach.

We got you. For over 25 years, these are just some of the things we've done for folks. Just hit us up and let's see if working together is a good fit. Often, when talking to us about one project, we hear another we can help with, saving you time and money.


These are just a few of the projects we've done and customers we've helped over the years...

Recording Studio

We are a veteran owned company. - Semper Fi!-


Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible.

- Marcus Aurelius

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